Economic Recovery Indices within the FEMA PULSE PORTAL

Client: Public Sector Government Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet

Year: 2021

Skills: Adobe XD

Within the FEMA PULSE Portal, the Business Operational Index and the Consumer Demand Recovery Index are displayed in a weekly time series alongside Employment data, new COVID-19 cases per week, and new COVID-19 deaths per week. The time series data may be focused on any State and any collection of counties within a State. The focus may also be filtered by industry. Below the time series is a list of events that pertain to the government policy decisions or actions meant to impact either the change in rate of economic recovery or COVID-19 cases and deaths. The events that pertain to the geographic focus are marked with vertical lines within the time series. Users may add policy events (e.g. phase II reopening), or actions (e.g. FEMA delivered 40,000 facemasks) directly into the portal